Hoang Ba Duong is a contractor that build a civil engineering, industrial buildings.


Hoang Ba Duong provides all kinds of conventional and high-class sanitary equipment such as TOTO, Inal, Caesar, Cotto, Kohler, Viglacera, American Standard, Thien Thanh, Moen and some famous brands from Europe, G7.

Electrical equipment & supplies

Hoang Ba Duong specializes in supplying all equipment for civil and industrial projects such as medium voltage electrical equipment, switchgear, common rowle, reactive power compensation, floor transformer, lightning protection equipment. , current transformer, electric meter, test equipment, electrical cabinet, accessories …


Hoang Ba Duong is a company specializing in trading all kinds of generators with famous brands from Asia, Europe and America.


HBD is a contractor that specializing in the contruction and installation of M&E systems.

Other Products

Hoang Ba Duong constantly researches and invests in finding strategic partners with appropriate technology and products with advanced management skills and business ethics to jointly develop new products suitable to the needs of the market


Hoang Ba Duong provides and installs all types of elevators in the country and in the world according to international standards


Hoang Ba Duong specializes in consulting, design and construction of high quality interior decoration.

About Us

Our company is a general contruction contractor and operates in the Generator, Elevator, Sanitary Wares and Fitting, M&E system and interior decoration fields. With professional engineers and experts that serve the customers enthusiastically. In addition, our products are high and firm quality, so we get the confidence of the customers.


The notes ensure safety when using the bathroom

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Interior Construction and Design Consultants

Interior Construction and Design Consultants

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Design consultancy, installation construction, maintenance of electrical mechanical systems

Design consultancy, installation construction, maintenance of electrical mechanical systems

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Generators repair

Generators repair

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Generator Rental

Generator Rental

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Generators Of Service

Generators Of Service

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